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Top 3 things to know this week: Volatility, Financial Adviser's, & Interest Rates Thumbnail

Top 3 things to know this week: Volatility, Financial Adviser's, & Interest Rates

IRC Top 3 Market Investing

In case you missed it, here are three things you should know this week...

  1. 1.)  Volatility: Why Every Day Counts

     According to the Wall Street Journal, "It is almost always true that very good days come in the midst of very bad ones. Missing just a handful of them is surprisingly costly.

    "For example, an investment in the S&P 500 over the past 15 years would have grown $10,000 into a little over $30,000, according to Putnam Investments. But missing just the 10 best days would have cut that sum in half; sitting out the best 20 would have erased all returns."

    The Wall Street Journal says, "to navigate market upheaval, investors have to stick to their plan rather than react to wild gyrations and scary headlines."

    James, Spencer. “A Constant: There Will Be Volatility.” The Wall Street Journal, 5 Jan. 2019, p. A10.

  2. 2.)  Financial Adviser Services: Do you know how you're being charged for investment services?

    Making sure you've partnered with the best possible financial adviser for your situation can be a huge relief, especially when other aspects of the market remain uncertain.

    How do you know then whether your financial adviser has your best interest in mind? The Wall Street Journal acknowledges that this can be somewhat difficult depending on any inconsistent, hidden incentives that may be hiding in "plain sight."

    The key to maximizing the benefits of your relationship with your financial adviser is education. Be aware of what you're getting charged to invest with your investment adviser, and ask questions.

    Zweig, Jason. “Conflicts of Interest, Hiding in Plain Sight.” The Wall Street Journal, 5 Jan. 2019, pp. B1–B6.

  3. 3.) Mortgage Rates: Housing Market to See Boost

    Mortgage rates have fallen to around their lowest levels in eight months, offering a potential boost to the housing market after a recent rough patch.

    “What's New.” The Wall Street Journal, 8 Jan. 2019, p. A1, www.wsj.com/.