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  • Whether you are an entrepreneur seeking a smarter way to grow or an individual trying to balance saving for the future and living today, our proven simple program can set you on the right path to financial freedom today.

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    Are you looking for someone to help you with finances, someone to look over your shoulder for that important financial decision, or just someone to point you in the right direction?

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      Your plan starts with you and where you are today. After understanding your current financial reality, together we can create a roadmap that includes: Savings, Debt Elimination and Risk Management.

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      Simple processes and simple plans work! If together we develop a plan that YOU understand and control, the likelihood of your success dramatically increases.

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      Financial freedom comes when you no longer have to worry about money. Creating a plan and being willing to do what it takes to stay with that plan leads to financial freedom.

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    • IRC WealthCast 041: The Value of Small Business Coaching with Christie Walters

      IRC Wealthcast 041 christie walters value of small business coaching

      iTunes | Youtube   How does a business owner or professional challenge themselves to reach the next level? To get ‘unstuck?’ One way is by using a business coach who can help unblock the obstructions holding you back while also visualizing the future, all from where you are in the moment. Christie Walters is one […]

    • Valentine’s Day…at the Corner of Love and Money

      Valentine’s Day…at the Corner of Love and Money

      Legend tells that during Rome’s third century, Emperor Claudius II outlawed marriage for young men. He believed that single men made better soldiers than men with wives and children. Others, however, disagreed. One man, in particular, Saint Valentine, realized the injustice of this decree and secretly continued to perform marriages. Unfortunately, upon discovery, Claudius ordered […]

    • IRC WealthCast 040: State and Local Tax Benefits with Mark Fishman

      benefits of local tax credits mark fishman

      iTunes | Youtube Name your three least favorite appointments?   1) Dentist?  2) Doctor?  3) Accountant? Well, if you picked #3 then you’ll benefit from this conversation with my guest, Mark Fishman, a not-so-typical accountant. I found our conversation to be very engaging as he discussed: “I don’t know why people think we are boring.” […]

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