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  • Whether you are an entrepreneur seeking a smarter way to grow or an individual trying to balance saving for the future and living today, our proven simple program can set you on the right path to financial freedom today.

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    Are you looking for someone to help you with finances, someone to look over your shoulder for that important financial decision, or just someone to point you in the right direction?

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      Your plan starts with you and where you are today. After understanding your current financial reality, together we can create a roadmap that includes: Savings, Debt Elimination and Risk Management.

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      Simple processes and simple plans work! If together we develop a plan that YOU understand and control, the likelihood of your success dramatically increases.

    • Financial Freedom

      Financial freedom comes when you no longer have to worry about money. Creating a plan and being willing to do what it takes to stay with that plan leads to financial freedom.

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    • Who needs an estate plan?

      who needs an estate plan

      Ask “Who needs an estate plan” and most people think “Not me; I don’t have enough assets to need one.” But an estate plan can be as simple as having a Will. And regardless of how much you do or don’t own, everyone needs a Will. In this brief video, Michelle Thompson, Certified Financial Planner […]

    • Making a Lasting Impact

      Making a Lasting Impact

      Gifts from a Convenience Store I’ve always wanted to be a Secret Santa. A really secret Santa. One of those people who handed the Walmart cashier an extra $100 at the end of my transaction, and said to pay for the toys that the visibly exhausted, overworked parents in line behind me were buying. And […]

    • IRC WealthCast 055: Avoiding the Challenges of Estate Planning and Blended Families

      estate planning blended families

      iTunes | Youtube   This week, the IRC WealthCast continues its focus on Generation X as we discuss the financial, emotional and legal challenges of estate planning and blended families, both those we create as well as the blended families created by our parents. In this second episode of a two-part series, we continue the […]

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