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Top 3: Investing Defense, a Decadelong Bull Run, & Succession Planning Thumbnail

Top 3: Investing Defense, a Decadelong Bull Run, & Succession Planning

IRC Top 3 Investing Market Business

In case you missed it, here are three things you should know this week...

  1. 1.) Your First Line of Investing Defense? You.

    1. Becoming wealthy isn't easy, but it is simple, and you are your best line of defense when it comes to making sure your money is working for you.

    2. Despite new regulations to come in next year for brokerage industry, it is important to ask questions, and be educated on and involved in the process when deciding to invest or work with a financial planner.

    3. Per The Wall Street Journal's article, "to keep your money safe, you must rely not on regulators, but on your own care and due diligence... Look into fees and risks before you give the slightest thought to performance. Ask plenty of questions, and never trust anyone who promises to make you rich quick or to increase your return without raising risk."

    4. As the investment analyst Benjamin Graham wrote in 1949: “There are no sure and easy paths to riches on Wall Street or anywhere else.”

    5. To read the full article, please visit The Wall Street Journal

  2. 2.) Inside a Decadelong Bull Run

    1. The U.S. bull market turns 10 years old Saturday, underscoring the resilience of a rally that has persisted despite tepid global growth, anxieties about central bank policies and mounting trade tensions.

    2. Investors credited much of the first leg of the bull market to central banks slashing interest rates and scooping up trillions of dollars of bonds. But more recently, signs that U.S. growth remains solid—despite a slowdown across emerging markets and the eurozone—have helped stocks keep climbing.

    3. To read the full article, please visit The Wall Street Journal.

  3. 3.) Succession Planning: It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint

    1. What are you doing to invest in the people you work with, and hire, right now to make sure your company is set up for success later on?

    2. Planning for your absence may not be at the top of your list when you're focusing on the day-to-day, but having a plan in place to ensure you and your company are prepared when the time comes to transition, and to do so smoothly, is important, and can significantly impact the direction of your business and growth of the people you work with.

    3. Another bonus, by planning for the next generation over time and consistently, you can also increase bandwidth and address challenges and opportunities you otherwise may not have had the capacity for.