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    2016 Top Podcasts Tackle Stress, Money, Saving and More

    Looking Back and Moving Forward: As we look back on what went well and what we could have done better in 2016, the IRC WealthCast definitely falls into the “what went well” column. From being available on iTunes to all the terrific guests who have shared their expertise, the podcasts have been a great success. […]

    agile financial planning

    How Agile is Your Financial Planning?

    Scrum and agile are two terms popping up more frequently in business lingo as companies realize that this team-based approach applies to more than software framework. It certainly applies to managing your financial plan. The scrum process includes Creating an overall plan Breaking it into bite-sized pieces Intensely focusing on solving the problem, spending no […]

    investing strategies for millennials

    Investing Strategies for Millennials and Beyond

    A recent Forbes article, Back to School, Back to Financial Fundamentals for Three Generations, addresses investing strategies for Millennials, Generation X and Empty Nesters based on their ages and lifestyles. I agree with the author’s recommendations, but would emphasize even more the opportunity Millennials have to let time grow the money they invest now. Investing […]

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