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Wealth Made Simple (yes, really) Thumbnail

Wealth Made Simple (yes, really)

Wealth Made Simple (yes, really), a best selling financial planning book by David Ragland, IRC Wealth CEO

Wealth building is simple, if you’re doing it right. But in today’s world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by everything competing for your time and attention. The goal of this financial planning book is to help you craft a simple plan that truly fits your situation and allows you to achieve financial freedom.

What does financial freedom mean? In the book, David defines financial freedom as no longer having to worry about money. Having true freedom means you are in control of your finances and making your own decisions.

The book begins with an overweight, out-of-shape David deciding to compete in an Ironman. He realizes that developing a successful training plan is like creating a financial plan: keep it simple and you’re more likely to stick to it.

This 70-page book then explains how to build personal wealth by following the four financial planning basics David uses with his IRC Wealth clients:

  • Eliminate debt by creating a system for paying off credit cards and other liabilities
  • Increase savings through retirement plans and a diversified portfolio
  • Build a cash safety net so you’re prepared for unforeseen situations
  • Reduce risk through life choices and by preparing for the unexpected

In addition, this financial planning book, will guide you through:

  • Setting specific goals
  • Creating a simple plan
  • Establishing a timeline
  • Tracking your progress
  • When and why to work with a financial planner
  • Using the power of time to grow your wealth
  • Completing the worksheets included in the book

For David, the goal of writing Wealth Made Simple (yes really) was to share his approach with more people. “I want people to know they can regain control of their money,” he says. “The steps are simple, although they may not always be easy. But they absolutely work.”

Wealth Made Simple (yes, really) is one of the best financial advice books when you are ready to take the first step on your path to financial freedom.

The first step is simply the decision to make the change. Get started today by clicking the button above to order or download your copy!

David Ragland best selling financial basics book authorSuccessful businessman, Ironman triathlete and financial “coach,” and best-selling author David Ragland understands and articulates the core ingredients that motivate, energize and push people across their personal finish lines. In twenty five years of working with individuals and companies in growing their wealth, David has come to find that it is really as simple (but not always easy!) as this: spend less than you make, live debt-free, minimize risk, have a cash safety-net.