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Top 3: Financial Lessons from a Linebacker, Chanel, & Tax Write Offs Thumbnail

Top 3: Financial Lessons from a Linebacker, Chanel, & Tax Write Offs

IRC Top 3 Business Taxes

In case you missed it, here are three things you should know this week...

  1. 1.) Financial Lessons from a Linebacker

    1. Jets linebacker Brandon Copeland is diversifying his workload and teaching a financial literacy seminar in the Urban Studies department at the University of Pennsylvania.

    2. The idea for the course came while driving around Detroit to evaluate the city’s real-estate market with a group of former teammates in the spring of 2016. A Notre Dame graduate lamented that he wished his school had offered a class on “all the stuff we’re dealing with now—401(k)s, taxes, budgeting, credit, renting versus buying,” recalled Copeland. “I told him that’s a class that everybody needs, not just athletes.”

    3. More than 200 students requested to enroll in the 30-seat seminar, making it the most popular course offering in the Urban Studies department for the spring 2019 semester, and proving the benefits of broadening one's reach and expanding influence when the right opportunities arise.

    4. To read the full article, please visit The Wall Street Journal

  2. 2.) Chanel's Future in the Post-Lagerfeld Era

    1. This week, Chanel mourned the death of Mr. Karl Lagerfeld, who transformed the brand into a global force over his more than three decades at the design helm. Whether the brand can keep its momentum without Mr. Lagerfeld’s direction is a question on minds throughout the industry though.

    2. As a leader, are you preparing and priming those around you to carry on successfully when it's time to hand over the reigns? And how do you differentiate your brand so that it stands the test of time and change?

    3. To read the full article on Keeping Chanel on Top in the Post-Lagerfeld Era, visit The Wall Street Journal.

  3. 3.) 5 Things You Can Write Off On Your Taxes

    1. It’s officially tax season. And while you might be dreading it and avoiding it like the plague, it’s something you have to do.

    2. While doing your 2019 taxes might not be at the top of your to-do list, there is some good news. You can write off certain things on your taxes to make your situation a bit better.

    3. Check out the Financial Gym for five things you can write off on your 2019 taxes that you might not know about.