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Top 3: Welcoming Class of 2019 to Workforce, Designing for Women, Zillow's Future in Flipping Thumbnail

Top 3: Welcoming Class of 2019 to Workforce, Designing for Women, Zillow's Future in Flipping

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In case you missed it, here are three things you should know this week...

  1. 1.) Welcome to the Workforce Class of 2019

    1. The work industry has changed, and, along with it, the expectations for new hires. Rather than dip a toe into the water, new graduates are expected to dive right in and take on important work.

    2. Is your child ready to jump right into the workforce come graduation?

    3. Technical skills turn over fast, so employers value fast learners, those who evolve quickly, and excellent soft skills–such as writing, listening, and effective communication.

    4. For the complete article on the workforce and how it's changing in regards to the Class of 2019, visit The Wall Street Journal.

  2. 2.) Designing for Women–Not Stereotypes

    1. From sneakers to space suits, most gear is still designed for men’s bodies. Lauren Steele acknowledges this and how to avoid brands that just ‘shrink it and pink it’ and find bikes, kicks and backpacks that fit you right in her article for The Wall Street Journal.

    2. “It’s great that some brands are belatedly acknowledging that women exist, but everything is still designed and created in the image of a default male,” said Caroline Criado Perez, author of the book “Invisible Women,” which examines gender bias in product design.

    3. If designers can reject the reflex to dye gear pink, and instead understand how different body types and shapes have different pressure points, tissue distribution and natural functions, then athletes, women on the trail and shoppers in the ladies section won’t be forced to make do with whatever’s available. But for that, more brands need to fund research and apply the resulting data to design for both men and women.

    4. Read the full article by Steele and check out some of the women's products getting it right as far as product innovation by visiting The Wall Street Journal.

  3. 3.) Zillow's Future in Flipping

    1. Zillow is breaking into home flipping– the service is currently offered in nine metropolitan areas, and they plan to roll it out to 20 additional markets by early next year.

    2. With a difference in the future of home ownership becoming na possibility, the idea is that home owners will not only be buying and selling, but looking to gain accesses to equity in homes rather than leaning more heavily towards long-term ownership. Should downsizing, renting, and other industry trends take hold, Zillow will be looking at the future as well and growing their offerings alongside real estate industry trends.

    3. To read the full article, visit The Wall Street Journal.