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Self-Care Strategies to Combat Stress Thumbnail

Self-Care Strategies to Combat Stress

Emotional Coach Health Emotional Wealthness

March 31, 2020

By: Dr. Wendy Dickinson
GROW Counseling

Are you feeling the stress of living in unpredictability, uncertainty, or even fear? Did you know that when we cannot control the stressors we are facing, our number one weapon to combat stress is to increase our coping resources?

Coping resources are tools to help reduce the negative physical and emotional impacts of stress.

A specific strategy I talk to clients about on a regular basis is self-care–it's another way of thinking about coping resources.

It's easy to put our own physical and emotional health on the back burner during times of stress. If we want to survive, and even thrive, during ongoing stress, we have to take a few moments to practice self-care so we can go the distance and continue to take care of those around us.

Grow Counseling has developed a FREE e-book that not only walks you through identifying which self-care strategies are most helpful to you, but also serves as a progress tracker throughout your day.

Download the Self-Care Strategies E-book →

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Dr. Wendy Dickinson
GROW Counseling

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