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Meet the Team: Zac Green Thumbnail

Meet the Team: Zac Green

Get to know one of IRC's team members, Zac Green! As a member of the Client Services team, Zac enjoys meeting and serving clients in any way possible.

Read on to learn more about Zac, his background, and his role on the IRC Wealth Client Services team.

  • Tell us a Little About yourself…

    I love working out, clean eating, and clean living (thanks, David!).

  • Where did you attend college?

  • I graduated in 2014 from Lafayette College located in Easton, PA and began working in business development for a national electrical engineering firm before switching over to IRC Wealth.

  • Favorite sports team?

    Liverpool F.C., and Atlanta United!

  • What Keeps you Motivated throughout the day?

    The desire to succeed and be the best version of myself. I grew up in a male-dominated household, and the only way to stand out was to be the best!

  • What gets you up and going every morning?

    I am a self-professed "morning person". I need to jump out of bed and conquer the day! The adage I live by is "what one new thing have you learned or done today"? If I haven't experienced something new within a day, I consider it a day wasted. You can't experience life without getting out of bed!

  • What inspired you to join the IRC team?

    I met David and his lovely fiancee Wendy at a dinner party, and I spent the majority of the night in deep conversation with David about my life's goals, experiences, and desires. His introspective line of questioning made me realize that he was the perfect boss. I am beyond happy to have joined the IRC Wealth team, and I feel more success in my life than ever before!

  • What are you most excited about in your new role?

  • Working in Client Services has been nothing short of outstanding. As an extrovert, the day-to-day interaction with all of our clients gives me energy, and when I see the happy faces of our clients as they come and go, I feel like I have accomplished a tremendous amount. The end goal I wish for all of our clients is to be financially free!