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Meet the Team: Nick Hamilton Thumbnail

Meet the Team: Nick Hamilton


Get to know one of IRC's newest team members, Nick Hamilton! Nick joins our client services team, bringing his unique background and can-do attitude to the table for a client experience that's a home run!

Read on to learn more about Nick, his background, and his role on the IRC Wealth client services team.

  • Tell us about your hometown…

    I grew up the oldest of four kids in a suburb of Cleveland, OH.

  • Where did you attend college?

    I graduated from Kent State University with degrees in Business Management and Finance.

  • What's an interesting fact most people don't know about you?

    I played baseball at Kent State and then was drafted and played in the Cleveland Indians organization for three seasons.

    I am getting married at the end of this year as well!

  • Favorite sports team?

    My favorite sports teams are the Ohio State Buckeyes and Green Bay Packers.

  • What brought you to Atlanta?

    I moved to Atlanta initially due to a position in scouting with the Kansas City Royals three years ago.

  • What gets you up and going every morning?

    The opportunity to compete and be a part of a team. I love the process of coming together to achieve a common goal. I've been on both great teams and bad ones and the common link in any great team I've had a chance to be on is trust, communication, and work ethic. All of those take daily effort to build and maintain and that challenge is what truly inspires me.

  • What inspired you to join the IRC team?

    I had been considering a career change over the summer, but when I met the IRC team it was a no brainer. IRC is a place that to me exemplifies what this industry should be about. It was the way the entire team treated me and each other throughout the interview process that made me want to go in and represent a place like this.

  • What are you most excited about in your new role?

    The opportunity to meet our clients and contribute to the IRC Wealth team while training to become a Certified Financial Planner.