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Meet the Team: Amy Getz Thumbnail

Meet the Team: Amy Getz


Get to know one of IRC's newest team members, Amy Getz, who is bringing her expertise as a CPA to our client services team!

Amy shares some of her tips and takeaways from years developing herself in the financial services industry as a CPA and in growing her career through unexpected opportunities.

  • Tell us a little about your background in the financial services industry…
    I worked as a CPA for 11 years prior until 2005 when I was struggling to find balance between my job and raising three young children full-time. At that time I chose to take some time to be a stay at home mom and to focus on raising my kids, but all the while I was still wanting to do something outside of raising the kids to continue honing my skills.

  • How did you continue developing your business and skills in the financial industry during this time?
    I worked hard to continue networking and getting in touch with people and organizations that needed people to help run for positions that utilized my skillset, whether that meant volunteering for a treasurer position on one of my kid's sports teams or getting more involved in clubs. This helped me to find different ways to grow as a person and employee, even when I didn't realize I was working towards my next career move.

  • What is one piece of advice you'd offer to others who are looking to continue growing in their careers?
    Always think about how you can stay relevant and continue growing and furthering your career even when you don't see the immediate gratification or where the action may be taking you. Every experience and opportunity to network or learn is teaching you something and that can lead you somewhere you never even expected!

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