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  • New Year, New Attitude: Living a Brilliant Life

    New Year, New Attitude: Living a Brilliant Life

    Happy New Year! If you’re like me, you started 2018 with a batch of New Year’s resolutions. And now, almost half-way through January, you’re hopefully sticking to them. But why is it so hard to keep New Year’s resolutions?

    Maybe it’s how you approach them. What if, instead of giving up something that you liked, you gave away something you didn’t like? When you give up something you really like — whether it’s dessert, video games, alcohol, sleeping in, etc. — you tend to fail. You miss it too much. But when you let go of the things you don’t like — things that impede your happiness — you start reaping the benefits and keeping your resolutions can become easier.

    As you think about what you could give away this year, consider these three areas:

    • Complexity. So much in life is complex. Make a resolution to let go of complexity by finding ways to simplify and streamline. For example, how many bank accounts, credit cards, investment statements, etc. do you have? Now think about how many you really need. If you have multiple IRAs, roll them into one retirement account. Combine checking accounts. Cancel credit cards you don’t use. Suddenly the number of statements, payments, and balances you have to keep up with becomes much simpler, less complex.
    • Stress. We all feel it. But how do you let it go? My solution is flexibility. And I’m not just talking about yoga. To let go of stress, you have to realize you can’t control everything. You have to embrace change and be flexible in your response to situations. Sometimes you have to let it just roll off your back.
    • Conflict. Whether it’s caused by co-workers, neighbors, or money, no one likes conflict. The solution is to set personal boundaries. To be effective, boundaries need to be consistent. Whether we are talking about personal or financial boundaries, you have to maintain them. Automation programs can make a big difference in reducing financial conflicts. For example, by initiating automatic deductions for your 401K, you set a boundary that will be maintained with every paycheck. When you set up alerts for spending limits, you’re establishing a boundary against debt and its related conflicts.

    Life is complicated. But you have choices as to how complicated it is, which is why resolving to give away things you don’t like can make as big of a difference as giving up a much-loved indulgence.

    New Year’s resolutions are an opportunity to define the goals that are most important to you. Remember it costs you nothing to have a positive outlook on life. Dream about your ideal life and notice how many of the elements in your dream require no money. Living a brilliant life is about recognizing that we only pass through this place once and it’s up to us to fully live all the moments and experiences life has to offer.

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    New Year, New Attitude: Living a Brilliant Life

    by David Ragland time to read: 2 min