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  • Who needs an estate plan?

    Ask “Who needs an estate plan” and most people think “Not me; I don’t have enough assets to need one.” But an estate plan can be as simple as having a Will. And regardless of how much you do or don’t own, everyone needs a Will.

    In this brief video, Michelle Thompson, Certified Financial Planner and former estate attorney, explains why everyone needs an estate plan — even if it’s just a simple Will — and what happens if you die without one.Then, to learn more about the benefits of estate planning regardless of the size of your estate, check out these additional resources from the IRC team:

    And, if thinking about your estate prompts you to realize that you’re not on track to reach your financial goals, learn more about the IRC Wealth approach in our free, on-demand webinar, Wealth Made Simple: Gain Control of Your Money. Having control of your financial future, while you’re alive — as well as ensuring that your wishes are met after your death — doesn’t have to be complicated. Just acknowledging you need a plan is a good first step. Then decide what you can do yourself and, based on the type of expert advice you need, find the right financial planner, estate attorney, and/or accountant to help you with the rest.

    Everyone’s situation is different; what it takes for you to be financially independent is unique to you. If you’d like to discuss any questions or concerns you have your financial life, please contact us for a no obligation consultation to see how we can help.



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    Who needs an estate plan?

    by Michelle Thompson time to read: 2 min