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Steps the Nearly Retired Should Take Now

Are You Within Five Years of Retiring?

Recorded Live October 15, 2015

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If you’re within five years of retirement, now is the time to take a few steps to ensure your retirement goes smoothly.

Why? Because retiring is like landing a big airliner; you can’t do it on a dime. This is why 747s line up 20-30 miles from the airport, maneuvering from one direction to another to ensure they’re in the right location. Preparing for retirement is similar: you have to start thinking about the detailed tactical aspects before you retire; otherwise, you risk a crash landing.

During this webinar, David Ragland, IRC Wealth CEO and bestselling author of the financial planning book, Wealth Made Simple (yes, really)will discuss how to ensure a smooth flight:

  1. Realize that retiring with debt is going to cause major consternation.

  2. Think about downsizing now rather than later.

  3. When downsizing, take location into consideration.

  4. Build cash so you have flexibility when markets fluctuate.

  5. Start gathering information on Social Security.

  6. Think now about how retirement looks so you’re also emotionally prepared for the transition.

David will also answer your questions about retirement.

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David Ragland
CEO, IRC Wealth

David Ragland is CEO of IRC Wealth, a private asset management company based in Atlanta, Georgia. A successful businessman, financial "coach," vibrant, energetic speaker, author, and an Ironman triathlete, David understands and articulates the core ingredients that motivate, energize and push people across their personal finish lines. Holding both a BBA and a Master’s degree in Accounting from the University of Georgia, he strives to make wealth building simple and help you build a healthier and sustainable financial life around sound planning principles.​