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Wealth Made Simple webinar

Learn the 4 steps to financial freedom in Wealth Made Simple (yes, really), a free, 60-minute webinar that will help you craft a simple plan that truly fits your situation and sets you on the path to financial freedom.

David Ragland, IRC Wealth CEO and bestselling author of Wealth Made Simple (yes, really), will explain the four financial planning basics he’s successfully used with clients for more than 20 years:

  • Increase savings by spending less than you earn and capitalizing on retirement plans and a diversified portfolio
  • Eliminate debt by creating a system for paying off credit cards and other liabilities
  • Reduce risk through life choices and by preparing for the unexpected
  • Build a cash safety net so you’re prepared for unforeseen situations

In addition to these four principles, he will explain how to:

  • Set specific goals
  • Create a simple plan
  • Establish a timeline
  • Track your progress
  • Work with a financial planner
  • Use the power of time to grow your wealth
  • Complete the free worksheets available to the webinar attendees

Having true financial freedom means you are in control of your finances, your money worries are minimal and you’re able to focus on what you enjoy. “I want people to know they can regain control of their money,” David says. “The steps are simple, although they may not always be easy. But they absolutely work.”

The first step is simply the decision to make the change. Get started today with these 4 simple steps!

David Ragland
CEO, IRC Wealth

David Ragland is CEO of IRC Wealth, a private asset management company based in Atlanta, Georgia. A successful businessman, financial "coach," vibrant, energetic speaker, author, and an Ironman triathlete, David understands and articulates the core ingredients that motivate, energize and push people across their personal finish lines. Holding both a BBA and a Master’s degree in Accounting from the University of Georgia, he strives to make wealth building simple and help you build a healthier and sustainable financial life around sound planning principles.​

Joe Schum

Joe Schum
VP and Client, IRC Wealth