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  • Direct from Twitter: Wealth Building Tips for Millennials

    It’s surprising how much valuable information can be found in 140 characters. And by valuable, we mean money, as in saving plans, spending strategies, and wealth building tips. Financially savvy advice that doesn’t take too long to read and can help you stay on the path to financial freedom.

    Almost every day, we share tips, article and other resources via @IRCWealth on Twitter. These curated topics target a range of interests and readers, from business owners to professional women, the nearly retired, and the recently divorced.

    For example, here are some recent posts on topics that we thought millennials would find interesting. Though let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to know more about that 26-year-old?!

    The Money Wizard, as he’s known on his blog, outlines his income, expenses and saving strategies as well as this anecdote: “My 8th grade math teacher posed the magical doubling penny question to us, which opened my mind to the power of compound interest. I still remember his exact quote, ‘Instead of buying a few CDs with your money, you could be a millionaire.'”


    With the oldest millennials now in their 30s, half of this article on wealth building tips applies to millennials. The other half has good advice for Gen Xers as well as those in their 60s who have not been as focused on retirement as they should be.


    The author, a millennial and successful entrepreneur, explains why knowing when to give in, to cast off bad ideas, processes or people who hold you back is an unconventional skill that’s absolutely necessary for building a successful business. As he says, “In this quickly changing world, you need to be fast and decisive and understand what to give up on.”


    The article —  its complete title is “10 Ways To Raise A Kid Who Can Handle Money (And Isn’t An Entitled Jerk)” — points out that financial literacy starts as young as age three and that a child’s basic money habits are formed by age seven.


    Younger millennials will be interested to know that students who major in business earn between 81% and 130% more 12 years out of college than similarly talented students who don’t major in the field.

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    Direct from Twitter: Wealth Building Tips for Millennials

    by IRC Wealth time to read: 2 min