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    estate planning blended families

    IRC WealthCast 055: Avoiding the Challenges of Estate Planning and Blended Families

    iTunes | Youtube   This week, the IRC WealthCast continues its focus on Generation X as we discuss the financial, emotional and legal challenges of estate planning and blended families, both those we create as well as the blended families created by our parents. In this second episode of a two-part series, we continue the […]

    generation x - Taking Care of Aging Parents

    IRC WealthCast 054: Taking Care of Aging Parents Squeezes Generation X

    iTunes | Youtube   With responsibility for taking care of aging parents while also raising a family, Generation X is feeling the squeeze of being a “sandwich generation.” This can be especially stressful when two thirds of Generation X say they haven’t fully recovered from the Great Recession, yet an increasing number are providing financial […]

    growing a business as a solopreneur with Jodi Hersh

    IRC WealthCast 053: Solopreneur, freelancer, self-employed — should I stay or should I grow?

    iTunes | Youtube   There are so many options when it comes to growing a business as a solopreneur that, regardless of whether you call yourself a solopreneur, freelancer, or self-employed, determining how to plan for growth can be challenging. In this episode, Joe chats with longtime solopreneur Jodi Hersh about the choices and considerations […]

    Financial Security for Women through Financial Literacy

    IRC WealthCast 049: Financial Security for Women through Financial Literacy

    In this episode, Joe and Dr. Mary Gresham, one of the few clinical psychologists in the U.S. to specialize in financial psychology, discuss the importance of women becoming more financially literate so they can build financial security and freedom. Financial literacy can be the unicorn when it comes to truly achieving your financial goals.  And, […]

    financial impact of divorce on children with Amanda Dempsey

    IRC WealthCast 048: Managing the financial impact of divorce on children with Amanda Dempsey

    iTunes | Youtube   Money is usually factor #1 or #2 when couples divorce. Combine money conflicts with negotiating what’s best for your children and it becomes even more complex, especially when emotions are running high and you’re making difficult decisions. Is there a way to do things right, make sure everyone’s needs are met, […]

    divorce attorney

    IRC WealthCast 047: Why you need a family lawyer for your divorce with Kelly Reese

    iTunes | Youtube   Navigating divorce usually includes an attorney. No surprise there! But, should you hire any attorney or someone who specializes in family law? In this episode of the IRC WealthCast, Joe talks with family law attorney Kelly Reese about why you need a family lawyer for your divorce. A family law attorney […]

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