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    financial impact of divorce on children with Amanda Dempsey

    IRC WealthCast 048: Managing the financial impact of divorce on children with Amanda Dempsey

    iTunes | Youtube   Money is usually factor #1 or #2 when couples divorce. Combine money conflicts with negotiating what’s best for your children and it becomes even more complex, especially when emotions are running high and you’re making difficult decisions. Is there a way to do things right, make sure everyone’s needs are met, […]

    Experts’ Best Advice for the New Year

    Experts’ Best Advice for the New Year

    Every New Year brings scores of resolutions, advice and how-to-do-it-better articles. To bring you the best of the best advice for the New Year, we asked our team of trusted advisors and subject matter experts to share their #1 recommendation that could benefit you. Below are some of the best tips from our professional friends […]


    2016 Top Podcasts Tackle Stress, Money, Saving and More

    Looking Back and Moving Forward: As we look back on what went well and what we could have done better in 2016, the IRC WealthCast definitely falls into the “what went well” column. From being available on iTunes to all the terrific guests who have shared their expertise, the podcasts have been a great success. […]

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