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    Whether you’re looking for a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, course instructor, or one-on-one consultant, IRC Wealth CEO David Ragland, CFP® will show your meeting participants how they can build wealth and create their own path to financial freedom. Presentations will be tailored to your audience size, group dynamics, industry, and goals.

    wealth made simple

    Wealth Made Simple

    Financial freedom comes when you no longer have to worry about money. If you have more money going OUT than coming IN, you are in trouble.In this talk, David provides the road map to becoming Wealthy over time in a simple to understand format. Using his four principles of wealth creation:

    1. Saving
    2. Debt reduction
    3. Risk management
    4. Cash liquidity levels

    David takes that audience through his Ironman Journey in parallel with his building of his clients wealth. The high energy interactive presentation leaves his audience with the desire to take the first step into completing their own plan for wealth development.


    Retirement Planning Made Simple

    How much will I have to retire on?  And at what age will I be able to retire? 

    Interestingly, whether we are individual employees or business owners, many, if not most of us, cannot answer these two simple questions.

    In this talk, David provides his audience with the tools to begin saving for retirement by focusing on available retirement plans for both individuals and small business owners. Topics covered include:

    • What’s your number?
    • Why retirement plans work
    • The best retirement plans for your individual needs
    • How to get started


    David RaglandSuccessful businessman, Ironman triathlete, financial “coach,” and best-selling author David Ragland, CFP understands and articulates the core ingredients that motivate, energize and push people across their personal finish lines. In twenty five years of working with individuals and companies in growing their wealth, David has come to find that it is really as simple (but not always easy!) as this: spend less than you make, live debt-free, minimize risk, have a cash safety-net.


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