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  • Meet Michelle Thompson, Attorney and New CFP, CTFA at IRC Wealth

    Michelle Thompson CFP CTFA

    Though coincidental, announcing our new Certified Financial Planner the day after Labor Day seems appropriate. Why? Because Michelle Thompson has had some interesting jobs, ranging from realtor to firefighter to lawyer. And now she’ll be sharing all this experience and more as she helps clients create financial plans and grow their wealth.

    Prior to becoming a CFP, Michelle worked for several years as a lawyer specializing in estate planning, asset protection and elder law.

    “I loved serving my clients, often developing a deep relationship with them as we identified their goals. But I realized that my work with them was transactional and, ultimately, short term. As a financial planner, I am building relationships that last for years.”

    Interesting Stops Along the Career Path

    Having earned a degree in finance, Michelle initially worked in banking. However, she soon established a successful career in in real estate. During those 19 years, she also fulfilled a lifelong dream: becoming a professional firefighter. A self-described adrenaline junkie, Michelle would work a shift at the East Point Fire Department every three days while she continued as a realtor. “I learned so much as a firefighter,” she says.

    “It was an amazing experience to serve people in what is often the worst day of their life.”

    In 2010 her community involvement in an environmental situation led her to enroll in law school where, as she says, “I wanted to become the next Erin Brockovich.” Her mother’s death during Michelle’s last semester changed everything as she was plunged into an estate planning nightmare. “That experience motivated me to want to help people in a very personal way.”

    As a lawyer, Michelle did much more than draw up wills and trusts. “Good estate planning is more than disposing of assets,” she says.

    “Trust planning and health directives, as well as asset protection — especially in blended families or those with children who have special needs, addiction or unstable marriages — all must be addressed to ensure that needs, wants and intentions are met. Also, the choice of executor and trustee is incredibly important, as is communication between family members prior to a parent’s death.”

    The Importance of Service and Valuing Clients

    Service to others is a thread that runs through not only her work, but also her volunteerism. A native Atlantan, Michelle has volunteered for Project Open Hand and Hospice Atlanta, and was appointed by the City Council to serve on the City of East Point Ethics Board. She currently serves on the board of Lost n Found Youth.

    Michelle now brings this wealth of experience to her work as a CFP and a Certified Trust Financial Analyst (CTFA) at IRC Wealth.

    “When I decided to focus my career on financial planning, I talked to a number of firms. David and I really connected on the similar values we have as to how to serve clients. He is an outstanding resource and his clients trust him implicitly. His background as a CPA and mine as an attorney is a powerful combination that will be fantastic for clients.”

    To hear more from Michelle, check out these blogs and podcasts:


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    Meet Michelle Thompson, Attorney and New CFP, CTFA at IRC Wealth

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