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    greentstar32x32 About David Ragland, CFP®, CDFA®

    David Ragland, CEO of IRC Wealth, a private asset management company based in Atlanta, Georgia is both a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA®). A successful businessman, financial “coach,” vibrant, energetic speaker, author, and an Ironman triathlete, David understands and articulates the core ingredients that motivate, energize and push people across their personal finish lines. His strives to make wealth building simple and help you build a healthier and sustainable financial life around sound planning principles.

    David’s Bio:
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    Q&A with David Ragland:
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    VIDEO Highlights from David’s Subaru Ironman Canada

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    greentstar32x32 About the Book: Wealth Made Simple (yes, really)

    Wealth building can be simple. In Wealth Made Simple (yes, really), author David Ragland shares proven wealth building strategies that will set you on the path to financial freedom. If you have more money going OUT than coming IN, you are in trouble. Our goal is to help you craft a plan that truly fits and works for you. In this 70-page book, you will learn how these four simple steps – reduce debt, spend less than you earn, have a cash safety net and plan for the unexpected – allow you to build wealth. It’s that simple. The book includes questions and worksheets so you can: set specific goals, create a simple plan, and track your progress. These are the steps David, the President of IRC Wealth, has used successfully with his clients for decades. Before focusing on financial coaching, David was a CPA and a CFO. His experience and his approach combine to create a strategy that will help you take financial control of You, Inc. The first step is simply the decision to make the change. With this book, you will have the tools, the inspiration and the simple steps to make it happen.

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    Praise for Wealth Made Simple (yes, really.)

    “Excellent book. You put into simple language the ideas, etc. I have been preaching for years. Amen to you! Over the years, many clients ask about my “investing” philosophy and also, at times, ask me to talk with their children when the kids are either just graduating from college or about to marry. First I tell them that it is as much or more about “saving” as it is about “investing”. I then try to explain the difference between the two concepts. I would love to be able to hand out you book as part of my service to them.”
    – Raymond A. Pippin CPA/ABV/CFF, CVA

    “Great job! Very simple way of explaining what folks can do for themselves and their futures.”
    – Rene

    “Very readable.  Concise.  I love the fact you use other goals as a model!!  Bravo Well done.”
    – Sue

    “David has a system which is simple and has terrific results. I recommend his book. Moreover, give David a call.”
    – Maureen






    greentstar32x32 About IRC Wealth

    IRC Wealth is a value based investment firm specializing in wealth creation for select business owners and professionals.  This exclusive focus helps us to pay strict attention to your personal success and allows us to build a portfolio that reflects your long term needs. As your lifestyle evolves, we review and update your unique financial strategy. Think of us as your personal CFO — making financial planning and everything else related to money simple.

    We understand entrepreneurs and professionals and how to account for the often unusual assets you accumulate. We consider all of these as we craft a unique financial plan specifically for you. Like the relationship between a coach and an athlete — we’re in this with you for the long term and we will work together throughout our relationship.

    Our goal is to help you build a healthier and sustainable financial life around sound planning principles. Whether you are an entrepreneur seeking a smarter way to grow or an individual trying to balance saving for the future and living today, our proven program can set you on the right path to financial freedom.

    Our network includes a team of experts in the fields of accounting, banking, estate planning, investments, legal, mortgages, real estate, risk management and tax. Think of us as your financial coach, leading you to financial victory.


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