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  • IRC WealthCast 052: Tips for Selling Your Home with Marc Takacs

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    The housing marketplace is hot once again. Or is it showing signs of giving way? When selling your home, what can you expect in terms of getting your price — with reasonable concessions — in the fastest time possible?

    Marc Takacs, a realtor from Keller Williams In Atlanta Team, shares some simple and affordable ideas, along with some specific strategies, to give you the edge. While some of this conversation is Atlanta specific, the rules apply pretty much across the board.

    Key takeaways

    In this episode, you’ll hear Marc’s creative insights into:

    • Staging. Why this is much more important now that even just a few months ago. Especially if you have to sell and move fast.
    • Changes you can make to meet your goal to sell at the highest price possible.
    • How to price your house like Walmart and give them a Neiman Marcus experience.
    • Why location (and location, and location) is still the foundation for creating demand for your house.
    • Simple things to do such as decluttering, cleaning and creating curb appeal.

    He also discusses the challenges unique to selling investment properties as well as what happens when you become an accidental landlord and decide to sell. For millennials, he addresses nuances they should keep in mind regarding how the market has changed. While overall this demographic isn’t finding it that attractive to snap up bargains, improve them, and build equity, for those who are investing, the financial strategy when buying a home has changed in terms of size, spend and time to hold.

    And finally, when is the ultimate time to sell your house, and what the heck is going on with the color beige? If you’re ready to leverage the market and realize the fruits of your risk, investment, and property, take a moment and listen to this episode of IRC Wealthcast. PLUS! Marc provides free real estate market data and to-do lists below!


    Prepare your home for a successful sale

    To be effective, your home should stand out as one of the top two to three best values in your immediate market place.

    Download these helpful resources to get the most from your sale:

    • Listing Advice Checklist
    • 2Q 2017 Atlanta Market Quarterly Reports (Condos/Townhomes; Detached Single Family; Intown Select Market)
    Marc takacs - preparing your home for a successful saleMarc Takacs of In Atlanta Realty has been a Realtor since 2004, helping hundreds of families achieve their individual and unique real estate goals. He attributes this success and longevity to always placing his clients’ interest first, stellar service, and an intimate knowledge of the procedures, legalities, and systems necessary to get the job done and keep all parties working toward a common goal. Marc’s real estate career includes considerable experience in buying, selling, and investing in property. Through his sphere of contacts and partners, he has become a long-term trusted advisor in all areas of real estate and is often consulted about general business questions and ideas from local business owners, contacts and clients. Learn more.


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    IRC WealthCast 052: Tips for Selling Your Home with Marc Takacs

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