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    atlanta certified financial planner (CFP)

    Services available from Atlanta’s fee-only certified financial planner (CFP), wealth coach and business advisor

    IRC Wealth is an independent, fee-only certified financial planner and wealth coach dedicated to providing simple processes and plans that assist clients with reaching their financial goals. IRC Wealth works with clients based on fixed and hourly rate options. We look forward to discussing your specific needs to see if our approach is a fit for your goals. We invite you to inquire further; please click here to arrange an initial discovery call.

    Wealth Management and Financial Coaching

    Our full-service, fee-only wealth management and coaching is just one of the reasons why people seek out IRC Wealth. Through our simple (yes, really) strategies and tactics, our clients can reap the benefits of creating a simple plan to guide them as they build wealth over time. [People obtaining wealth management and coaching from IRC Wealth may also decide to obtain investment management services through our affiliate, Investors Research Corporation, but there is no obligation to do so.]

    greentstar32x32Wealth Planning Essentials

    If you are on the right path but haven’t created enough momentum to save and invest, our Wealth Planning Essentials takes you through IRC Wealth’s steps to assist you in achieving financial health and wealth. Our Strategy and Tactics sessions are a combination of analysis, goal setting and coaching based on the four principles of Wealth Made Simple. You’ll come away with the confidence of knowing that you have someone on your side to help guide you in the right direction. This process includes documents outlining your current financial status, plan and goals.

    This process, which includes documents outlining your current financial status, plan and goals, requires approximately 2.5 – 3 hours of commitment. – $999.00

    greentstar32x32Wealth Planning Plus

    Wealth Planning Plus expands the Wealth Planning Essentials package to include two additional semi-annual coaching sessions. In these sessions we review your financial goals, timeline and benchmarks to ensure you are on track toward greater wealth and financial security. Changing jobs, acquiring a new home or car and starting a business are the type of additional topics that we also review during these coaching sessions to assess their risks and the impact on your wealth goals.

    Each of these sessions requires approximately 1 hour of commitment in addition to the work performed in Wealth Planning Essentials. – $1499.00

    greentstar32x32Wealth Custom Coaching

    We also offer specific sessions geared to a specific need. Perhaps you have a handle on your finances, but every once in a while you’d like a second opinion. Whether you are considering a job offer, upgrading your house, an investment opportunity or expanding a business, IRC Wealth is available to provide extra scrutiny and objective insight into your decision.

    Minimum session requires 1 hour of commitment. – $300/hr

    greentstar32x32Pro CFO (part-time CFO for Hire)

    Smart, hard-working business people often underestimate the value of their business as it relates to their personal wealth and retirement goals. IRC Wealth has extensive experience helping entrepreneurs better define the value of their business. Whether your intention is to sell and reap the rewards or to generate income into your retirement years, our combination of CFO and financial planning experience can help you make a wise decision. Our Pro CFO services help small- and medium-sized business improve their accounting, operations, customer service, sales and sales operations.

    Fees for these services are available after an initial review of needs.

    Learn more about our services to see which option is right for you. Contact us and let us know how we can help.



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