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    Financial Advice and Resources to Help You Take Control of Your Finances

    Whether you are trying to lose weight or put your financial house in order, the journey begins with a choice: go down the same path as before or take control of your destiny.

    At IRC Wealth, our goal is simple — to provide the best financial advice and resources to help you visualize and achieve your financial freedom.

    The simpler the plan, the more likely you’ll stick with it. Just like losing weight, building wealth is simple, but not easy. Consequently, our resources are always simple to understand and implement. Our variety of resources and formats fits different learning styles, from financial planning forms and worksheets to books, email courses, webinars, articles, blogs and tips via social media. We invite you to download these resources, learn more about IRC Wealth and reach out when you have questions.

    IRC WealthCast

    Take control of your finances and embrace life without worrying about money.

    Wealth building is simple, if you’re doing it right. But in today’s world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by everything competing for your time and attention. The goal of this podcast is to help you craft a simple plan that truly fits your situation and allows you to achieve financial freedom.

    We want to help you define what it means to be financially independent and help you get there.

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    financial planning worksheets


    Financial Planning Worksheets

    Download our free Personal Balance Sheet, Personal Budget and Debt Summary worksheets, enlisting  your financial coach’s help if necessary.

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    best-selling financial advice book


    Wealth Made Simple (yes, really)

    #1 Best-seller on Amazon available in both eBook and Paperback — Wealth building is simple, if you’re doing it right. Learn how to use our proven wealth building strategies to set you on your path to financial freedom.

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    financial advice course


    Wealth Made Simple (yes, really)

    The Wealth Made Simple (yes, really) email course is designed to launch you on a long-term path toward financial freedom with 5 days of simple steps that will set you on your way.

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    Free Webinars

    simple steps to growing wealth webinar


    Simple Steps to Building Wealth

    There are three very simple keys to building wealth. In this presentation, David Ragland boils it all down into simple concise concepts that teach us: Cash is king, Best ways to save, and Investing 101.

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    modern family financial legal and emotional esstentials seminar


    The Modern Family: Financial, Legal and Emotional Essentials

    Families and relationship are complicated. Especially during transitions — such as marriage, divorce, unemployment and death — when emotional, legal and financial issues converge. Learn how to navigate these challenges by knowing what to expect and the necessary steps that make a huge difference both short and long term.

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    Financial, Legal and Emotional Post-Divorce Challenges

    Tackling unresolved issues after your divorce while you’re also planning for your future
    A live panel discussion to help you address the inevitable – and often unavoidable – financial, legal and emotional challenges that can linger long after your divorce is final and thwart your need for closure.

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    divorce financial advice webinar


    The Essentials of Your Divorce

    “Divorce can be devastating, but you can get back on track and recover. Whether you’re contemplating divorce, in the middle of it or recently divorced, you can reduce the financial and emotional consequences by taking certain steps as soon as possible.” Recorded live on May 14, 2015,  four experts address how to stay strong — financially, mentally and emotionally — during and after a divorce.

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    Always be changing small business seminar on demand


    Always Be Changing: Driving Growth Through Change

    Whether you experienced a year of growth or endured a year of just getting by, repeating what you did last year is not a strategy. What can you do differently to make this your best year ever? This seminar focuses on driving growth through change including financial strategies, cultural change, accounting and tax considerations, and sales and marketing ideas.

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    Your Business Plan is Not Your Financial Plan

    Less than 20% of businesses sell within a year and most sell for less than the owner expected. With statistics like these, now is the time take a realistic look at the relationship between your business plan and your financial plan, regardless of how close you are to retiring. With planning, you can enjoy the financial benefits of your business, whether you sell or not. Recorded live on July 23, 2015, experts address how to position your business to build your personal wealth.

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    financial advice webinar


    Wealth Made Simple (yes, really)

    Ready to gain control of your money? Learn the 4 steps to financial freedom in Wealth Made Simple (yes, really), a free, 60-minute webinar that will help you craft a simple plan that truly fits your situation and sets you on the path to financial freedom. David Ragland, IRC Wealth CEO explains the four financial planning basics he’s successfully used with clients for more than 20 years.

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    Webinar - Steps the Nearly Retired Should Take Now


    Steps the Nearly-Retired Should Take Now

    If you’re within five years of retirement, now is the time to take a few steps to ensure your retirement goes smoothly.
    Why? Because retiring is like landing a big airliner; you can’t do it on a dime. This is why 747s line up 20-30 miles from the airport, maneuvering from one direction to another to ensure they’re in the right location. Preparing for retirement is similar: you have to start thinking about the detailed tactical aspects before you retire; otherwise, you risk a crash landing.

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    financial advice blog


    Wealth Made Simple BLOG

    Articles and insights to inspire, support and advise as you work toward your wealth-building goals.

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    financial advice via social media


    Social Media

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