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  • Experts’ Best Advice for the New Year

    Experts’ Best Advice for the New Year

    Every New Year brings scores of resolutions, advice and how-to-do-it-better articles. To bring you the best of the best advice for the New Year, we asked our team of trusted advisors and subject matter experts to share their #1 recommendation that could benefit you. Below are some of the best tips from our professional friends and experts to make your 2017 better than ever.

    Steve Parker, Team Serve 1st at Keller Williams First Atlanta:

    “Create Your Definition of Success.”

    Dr. Wendy Dickinson, Owner at GROW Counseling:

    “What you focus on grows. Challenge yourself this year to intentionally align your focus with what you want your life to reflect. I love to challenge my clients to cultivate gratitude. People who live in a posture of gratitude not only reported feeling happier, more positive, and more satisfied with life, but they also reported better physical health, increased energy, being wealthier and overall kinder. Gratitude grows when we focus on what we have, rather than what we don’t – my favorite coffee mug, clean sheets on the bed, a warm scarf, a crisp apple, or the sunlight coming through the trees. There is something to be said for choosing to see the glass as half full. Happy people are grateful for many things that unhappy people haven’t even seen.”

     Michelle Thompson, Attorney at Thompson Legacy Law:

    “Everyone wants to start the new year off on the right foot. One way to do so is to make sure you have an effective estate plan in place; one that provides direction in the case of your incapacity, and provides for your loved ones at your passing. If you already have a plan in place, the new year is a great opportunity to review your planning for updates and changes to beneficiaries, Trustees or Executors, and your children’s guardians. Take advantage of the fresh start by taking actions to implement a plan that truly reflects your intentions.”

     Chet Burge, Managing Partner at Burge & Associates, PC:

    “Here are a few suggestions for everyone this year:”

    • Maximize your contributions to 401k and other employer sponsored plans.
    • Make sure you participate in employer-sponsored cafeteria plans (medical expense reimbursement, child care reimbursement) where appropriate.
    • Keep an eye out for tax changes that may come from the new administration/Congress and how they may impact you.

    Randy Kessler, Esq., Founding Partner; KS Family Law:

    “As a divorce lawyer I often see people rushing to file for divorce hoping that will bring them happiness. It often does but not always. So I like the saying an old family member and former furrier used to repeat: ‘Measure twice, cut once.’”

    Barbara Keon, Family Law Attorney, Owner at Barbara Keon, LLC:

    “If you are contemplating divorce, always consult an attorney who specializes in divorce and custody. If you are filing for divorce, always have the best attorney you can to represent and advise you.”

    Jackie Dunagan, LAMFT at GROW Counseling:

    “Lasting change is experiential. Knowledge and good intentions are not enough. If we are to have positive change in our lives and relationships, we need to experience that what we have learned is actually true. As a marriage and family therapist, the biggest hurdle that I see individuals and couples face in realizing their goals is that they keep doing what they have been doing, in spite of new knowledge. So, as the Nike ad says, ‘Just do it.’”


    Each of these experts talks more about their area of expertise in our library of blogs and podcasts.


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    Experts’ Best Advice for the New Year

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