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Always Be Changing

Driving growth through change

Whether you experienced a year of growth or endured a year of just getting by, repeating what you did last year is not a strategy. What can you do differently to make this your best year ever? If you're a business owner — with zero to ten employees — now’s the time to explore:

Brainwork: Your mindset matters as thoughts form intentions, intentions shape actions, and your actions determine your outcomes. Auto-pilot is a guaranteed straight shot to the status quo. Your success is determined by your ability to be conscious vs unconscious.

Framework: What do you want your business to be? You may think the ultimate goal is simply making more money. But that’s a byproduct. By having a clear vision of where you want to go, you can create a plan with the choices and steps to get you there.

Teamwork: You know where you want to go, but is your team aligned to your advantage? Can they deliver the right message and conduct the best conversations to attain your business goals? What is your company’s persona? How does the market perceive you? Can they even see you?

Moneywork: Why do we run from accountants and dentists and not to them? A proactive approach with your accounting professional can be the best medicine for realizing all of the hard work you and your team are doing. Let’s dispel the rumors and not be afraid to count up the wins.

David Ragland,
CEO of IRC Wealth, who combines his experience as a CFO, tax accountant and financial planner to help business owners take control of their financial strategies and maximize opportunities.

Joe Schum,
VP of Business Development at IRC Wealth, who is a student of the modern professional sales process including social selling and trigger-event best practices.

david taylor klaus

David Taylor-Klaus,
owner of DTK Coaching, who coaches entrepreneurs and executives to create their visions of a life that works.

Herb Lewis,
CPA, whose practice focuses on small businesses, partnerships, family-owned businesses and individuals.

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