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  • The IRC Wealth Difference

    How Our Services Lead to Your Financial Independence

    At IRC Wealth, we empower clients to be financially independent using an individualized plan comprised of simple, transparent steps. The result: financial security, peace of mind, and the confidence to embrace life and the future with optimism.

    financial independence and early retirement


    IRC Wealth goes beyond the traditional advisor role with a holistic approach that encompasses all aspects of your finances. You work hard, you’ve done well and you’re motivated to reach your goals, whether it’s early retirement or selling your business. With IRC Wealth’s personalized plan and ongoing support services, you define what it means to be financially independent and we help you get there.

    For you to be financially independent, we believe that

    • Our role is to be your personal CFO.
    • Our client care must be personalized and exceptional.
    • We must be transparent in everything we do.
    • The best plans are simple and uncomplicated, but not always easy.

    We also know that

    • The unexpected happens in life and your financial plan should be reviewed and adjusted as needed.
    • You should be fully involved in the process to be financially independent.
    • You deserve the peace of mind that your future is financially, emotionally, and legally protected.
    • We make our clients’ lives better by empowering them to reach their goals, from eliminating debt to early retirement.

    Our clients’ best interests are always at the forefront of our recommendations. We also lead by example, following the same investment strategies and principles that we advise others. Behind every financial plan are our four principles:

    1.    Eliminate debt
    2.    Maximize savings
    3.    Avoid risk
    4.    Have a cash safety net

    steps to become financially independent

    Achieving your goals, from early retirement to selling a business

    But everyone’s situation is different; what it takes for you to be financially independent is unique to you. As your personal CFO, we work with you on all areas related to money. And, every six months, we review, update and adjust as necessary. You’ve worked hard for your money, we want you to understand and have confidence in how we manage it together.

    If you value trust, quality and security and are ready to partner with an independent financial planner who combines knowledge and experience with passion and respect, let’s set up a conversation to see if we’re the right fit for your financial and personal CFO needs.

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