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  • Our Process

    Our Purpose is Simple: Your Success.

    Becoming financially free does not happen by accident. Creating a plan and being willing to do what it takes to stay with that plan leads to financial freedom. We believe partnering with the right financial advisor is critical to your success.
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    greentstar32x32Your Personal CFO

    Are you looking for someone to help you with finances, to look over your shoulder for that important financial decision, or simply to point you in the right direction?

    If so, then you may be looking for your own personal CFO to make financial planning and everything else related to money simple. Our goal is to help you create a healthier and sustainable financial life built around sound planning principles. Whether you are an entrepreneur seeking a smarter way to grow your business or an individual trying to balance saving for the future with living today, our step-by-step program can assist you on the path to financial freedom.

    greentstar32x32Your Goals

    Your plan starts with you and where you are today.

    After understanding your current financial reality, together we will focus on a roadmap that includes:

    • Savings — Maximizing your ability to save for retirement
    • Debt Elimination — If you are debt free, the amount of money you will need in retirement is significantly reduced.
    • Risk Management — Whether you are a risk taker or risk averse, our job is to identify the challenges in your financial world and to minimize their impact upon your financial plan.
    • Safety Net — Creating a cash reserve for the unexpected challenges that life sometimes brings.

    greentstar32x32Our Process

    In one word: Simple.

    Why? Because our experience has shown that simple processes and simple plans can work! When we develop a plan together that YOU understand and control, we believe the likelihood of your success notably increases.

    Our Three Step Process:

    1. Understand where you are today and where you want to go
      Together we will assess where you are today, where you are going and how much money you will need in retirement.
    2. Develop a plan to get there
      Sounds simple, and it is. Together we will create a written action plan that identifies the steps that must be accomplished in the beginning as well as those that must be completed over time.
    3. Follow-Up and staying on track
      Life happens. A plan is only as good as the follow-up and the follow-through. We have regularly scheduled meetings to ensure that we stay on plan while also updating the plan as circumstances change.

    As your personal CFO and financial advisor, we are there every step of the way to guide you through the process and help you accomplish your goals.

    The first step is simply the decision to make the change. Contact us and let us know how we can help.

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